TENTACLES is a Bangkok-based artist-led initiative, which aims to provide studio and exhibition spaces and to exposures to local and international emerging contemporary artists. Its current space functions as a venue for contemporary arts through selected projects in collaboration with guest curators, as well as individual or group artists. It also offers artists innovative curatorial projects and acts as a testbed for gallery presentations. TENTACLES was founded in 2014 by Henryandpartners.

Residency Program

Catherine Ellis
May – Aug 2017

Justin Loke

Jun – Jul 2017

TheTip Bangkok

Side Eyes

– Julian Feritsch

– Julia Hohenwarter

– Daniel Wind

FRANKFURT 16.05.2017, 19:00h
Oppenheimer Landstraße 85H
60596 Frankfurt am Main

BANGKOK 16.05.2017, 19:00h
2198/10-11 Soi Taweewattana


Tentacles invited young artist to propose and create work on a 2.7 x 2 meter wall in front of Tentacles.

The project aims to raise fund to support our activities and residency program. Each work will be exhibited for 90 days and then be transformed into merchandise (eg. Tote bags)

For Inquiry about the whole piece please contact

SUPPORT  “0” Edition of #projectmural
450.- THB
for 1 limited edition totebag

Ugly Pages

Ugly Pages

Juli Baker and Summer

บทความ / Articles


Queer Readers Bangkok

Queer Readers Bangkok is a monthly initiative open to all as a social discussion group that, through readings, screenings and other activities, considers and debates the chameleon qualities of “queer” both as academic theory and produced through critical questions and practices of identity. The meetings aim to bring together people from a range of backgrounds with diverse interests and intellectual ambitions to share and enrich each other’s concerns. Queer Readers Bangkok is a participant-led, open platform. However, all meetings are primarily based in textual analysis, or the exploration of extant perspectives and arguments.

Brian Curtin

September 2016 project & collaboration


Tentacles x 1095東南亞交流計畫@東協廣場 Taichung ASEAN Square Cultural Exchange Project
Taichung, Taiwan
Rawin Porntrakulsaree
Tanaphon Inching
Yingyod Yenakarn

Tentacles x Yet Space
Residency program, BnB, Co-working studio

Tentacles N22
Artshop & Cafe & Workshop