Yaowaraj as I note 
by Wariya Temjaroen
July 26 – August 31 , 2014

Wariya explores her family’s ethnic roots in Bangkok’s Chinatown, or Yaowaraj. Seeking a deep understanding of Chinese-Thai identity, Wariya collects different materials and narratives to inform her paper-cut artworks and suggests a layered, multi-dimensional relationship to her heritage.

“Cuisine, trading and temples inform popular perceptions of Yaowaraj. I want to look beyond these aspects and explored the district through talking to locals and photographing the environs. My explorations let me to create artworks from different types of paper and with different techniques. The aim is to see more than just surface interest. My artworks are layered, just like the experience of this historic district.”

Wariya Temjaroen (b. 1992) graduated with a B.A. in Communication Design from the Faculty of Architecture of Chulalongkorn University. This solo exhibition at Tentacles Gallery is her first showcase as she pursues her career as an artist and designer.

Opening reception: July 26 (Sat.), 2014 / 18.30
Tentacles Gallery at Studio Miu Thailand


For Inquiries please contact:

+66 80 063 1407

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