Where do you want to go - ไปที่ไหนค่ะ by Pohan Chang

Pohan Chang
1989, Taiwan

January – February 2015

Pohan, born in 1989 Chiayi, Taiwan. Graduated from the department of Engineering, instead of being an engineer like her classmates, she wants to face to the real people, the real society. Therefore, she turns to become an artist. Depending on science background, she keeps focus on the post-modern media issues, and the society with a rational thinking. Take the daily life experience to connect people and society as her creative source.

She interested in participate art and experiment the space, to investigate the possibility of space. She and Satoshi Haruki curated 《PARK- the space experimental exhibition》 together, to activate an bankrupted restaurant space in a commercial district in 2013. She attended the project《Nomad theatre: borderless living room~ Marriage Equality》, the project perform at someone’s living room, where the owner applied. Instead of typical performance, the project created a table game to discussing the marriage equality issue, and playing with participate. All the performance will around the play-time. The project flip the daily life space, mixing the performance & play experience. 《The Xizhou tribe & I》is a project, she do research in a urban aboriginal tribe: Xizhou, where is forcing to migrate by the government. Groups and students go to do research there, every person live there had interview many times, researchers comes and goes. The project is a video project to discuss the relationship between the researchers and tribe people.

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