Garima Gupta an Indian visual artist, currently based in Bangalore while working as a researcher in South East Asia. My practice is rooted in storytelling and is informed by both personal and borrowed memories; stories. Immersed in historical inquiry and crafted at the intersection of art and environmental politics, my work aims to build a comprehensive repository including media art narratives, essays, hand-drawn animations and documentary films. Through my work, I both question and create archives; drawing over one image of history, politics, economics with another- bringing out the conflict in conflicts by rejecting binary. In my practice, this act of rejecting binary condemns the authority of documentation but at the same time supplements the absence of the same by generating multi-layered, disruptive archives.

Period: OCT – NOV 2017

For her research project in Thailand focuses on the nuances of human encounters with wild in various formats and how the larger discourse around conservation has failed it’s multiplicity, particularly in South East Asian.