RAR is an inter-disciplinary collective that was formed in
a 2012. At first, our activities are to publish an artwork
compilation from our friends in form of zine called RAR
Funzine. In time, RAR grows along with some projects we
were working on and decided to change our format into
a platform that focused in research and archive based
project where we used the design thinking as the way of
seeing and speak common sense.
We also work as a self-publishing house specialize on
literature and visual culture for young people. We’ve
already published various kind of artist book and zine
that made by our friends in a limited edition series.
2017 Active Member:
Yonaz Kristy, Alwan Brilian, Tyassanti Kusumo, Faida
Rachma, Muhammad Bigoth, Isnain Bahar, Vita Soemarno.