YeonJeong(Korea) focused on performance and video, I have dealt with installation, photography, text, and multi-medium experimentally. Including participating in Rotterdam International film festival (NL), Ankara international film festival (Turkey) internationally and 5 solo exhibitions in Taiwan and Korea, recently I am working with the interests between the Hierarchy and relation of physical and media languages. With the interests about action and resistance of art, recently I am trying to expand art related to social and cultural issues.

Period: 1 DEC 2017 – 31 JAN 2018

666 for 6

Final exhibition + Artist’s talk by Yeon Jeong

This exhibition is a kind of transformation or extension of <666 for 6: In-my-room solo exhibition in Bangkok>. Bangkok means “Locked in my room without nothing” by a cute slang of Korean. Therefore, I made an experimental form of a solo exhibition in my room questioning for the high cost and high value usually pressed on the form of solo exhibition. Can I make my solo exhibition just for “6” like silly or useless thing? And I thought 6 small themes related with the ordinary actions and stuff of my room.

They got started to involve with Thailand that I had experienced and felt and finally they became to be a very strange and also silly experimentation existing separately each other and simultaneously mingled with all components. Here comes “6 (nights) 6 (Performances) 6 (Thailands) for 6”. Also, during working in Bangkok, the reminds of Apichatpong’s films stuck to me. Thus, these all trials might be called as the dedication to WORDLY DESIRE – THE MEMORY OF JUNGLE, one of his film.
Installation pieces imply the bizarre transformations of the desire of capitalism and the 6 video performances that I intended at first turn into the strange possibilities of hybrid home essay towards newly open cinema mixing with the different medium such as video, performance, sound, installation and homage to historical artists.