Gemini Kim

Growing up in Korean society with fear ofwar and militant culture, and as a son of Korean War refugee, with fear of militant culture, post-war and post-colonial became the main interest of his artwork. His art practice is from witnessing and enjoying what every day we consume, scratching the tension between different cultures and nations. In 2019, this year, his practice was simply planting and harvesting rice in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam with people who sharing wartime memories.

In Tentacles, he is planning to design ‘luxury’ tactics in daily life without cost, named as Tentacles Hotel Project. He will
collect shreds of evidence and images on how we can respect our space and mundane any day.
(His residency is supported by Tentacles and Art Council Korea )

Period: 15 NOV – 15 JAN 2019 

“The Art of Luxurious Living : In Tentacles Hotel”
18 January – 24 January 2020
Opening: Saturday 18 January 2020, 18:00 .
Location : Tentacles Gallery
Artist : Gemini Kim

What makes a bond between people and space? Through his previous research on immigrants and settlers, he started to observe their ways to grow respect and satisfaction towards a new environment, and one of the strategies was ‘tidying up’ where they live.

Hence, His decision is that taking Tentacles living opportunity to be an experiment on new comer’s ‘spiritually’ luxurious living. Newcomers could be new settlers like immigrants, refugees and so on. Tired of consuming one space and another space, almost nobody likes tourists, do they? They are not a tourist, because they do care where they live.