Phase 2

We are delighted to announce that the recipients of the second K.Mutt Space Artist Residency 2015 are Sayaka Ohata & Joseph Mayrhofer, Pitchaya Ngamcharoen

Special Project: Merz Maze by Be Takerng Pattanopas

October – December 2015
The residency enables the research and production of a new body of work and collaboration between artists and locals.  Workshops, Talks, Tours and Exhibition will be open for public.

Exhibition 30 December 2015– 30 June 2016
Opening Ceremony  23 January 2016 

Program Director
Kedo Pattaree
Noll Saksit

Pitchaya Ngamcharoen is Thai artist based in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. As an animal spirit, Pitchaya always drawn to her own species; non-human, but still maintain her connection with human part. Her artistic process usually involve animal and human participants to create a form of overlapping transparent section then transform into an art event or object. The outcomes are often shown in interactive installation, sculpture and blog site.

Calling Lost Brothers
by Pitchaya Ngamcharoen

Calling Lost Brothers“, 2015 is a project aim to visualize an animal unnoticed and unperceived territory. Conversation between me and other species are easily made when we share one thing in common; energy resources.
Pitchaya is interested in the overlapping layers of human living space and that of animals. In the city, small amount of people realize or care about animate creatures living underneath or above us unless they bother them. In this project, sugar is used to track ants which live in the same building with the artist. The ants’ trails are marked and preserved. Dusts and other evidences of ants are collected and composed as an interactive project at the end.

M-O is the reunion of Sayaka Ohata and Joseph Mayrhofer. The Japanese-Austrian, internationally active artist duo is devoted to stage aberrant movements and forms of social practices. Their artistic interventions are based on three activities : exhibitions, books and performances.

During their residency @Tentacles, Sayaka and Joseph were mainly working on two projects: “You Have Reached The Point” and “Reported To Exist

You Have Reached The Point
by Sayaka Ohata and Joseph Mayrhofer

You Have Reached The Point” (2015) was a site specific, community involving and collaborative project on the Mae-Klong River. Interested in a small ferryboat which connects two territories in Ratchaburi city-center, the artists invited spontaneously local people to shoot balls from each embarkment point and to film this event with their smartphones. The river was transformed into a playground : people from each side initiate an unexpected constellation on the floating ground.

Reported To Exist
by Sayaka Ohata and Joseph Mayrhofer

The artistic research project “Reported To Exist” (2015) took place at the end of Thailand, close to the border to Myanmar. Sayaka and Joseph tried to find the reference of a landscape photography showing a strange place where a small stream divides itself into two parts. The project takes this journey to Suan Phueng District for its raw material and question the tension between fiction and reality within documentary. By staging the concrete, empirical movements by a video-work, a book and sculptural installations, the artists take the viewers beyond the here and now of the photography into different layers of space, time and probability.

Special Project: Merz Maze [1]
by Be Takerng Pattanopas

Merz Maze [1] is Be Takerng Pattanopas’s 100-square-meter three-dimensional collage, which evolved over a space of one month. Inspired by Merzbau, Kurt Schwitter’s enigmatic installation of commercial leftover materials, which was destroyed by the Nazis before WWII, Merz Maze [1] takes the idea further by integrating Thai vernacular elements and sentiment. Viewers and other people are encouraged to walk in or crawl into spaces hidden inside this complex installation, in which anything goes, but minimalism!

Phase 1

We are delighted to announce that the recipients of the first K.Mutt Space Artist Residency 2015 are Eiair, JJ, Daniel Kok, Saksit Khunkitti and Patt.

May – July 2015
The residency enables the research and production of a new body of work and collaboration between artists and locals.  Workshops, Talks, Tours and Exhibition will be open for public.

Timeline 15 May – 30 June – Project period

Program Director
Kedo Pattaree
Noll Saksit

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), a 400 world top rank university (2014 – 2015), is now operating the new residential college in Chombeung, Ratchaburi. To make the linkage between the campus and the community, we are planning to renovate the building of the old community hall which was constructed in 1961 to be as a hub in form of art and educational space. Our missions are to provide a showcase space for the artists, to initiate the fun and intellectual activities in Ratchaburi, and to nurture the youth and community with knowledge and cultural awareness.

Yohanes Daris Adi Brata or JJ 
is an Indonesian designer and artist who lives and works in Jakarta, and also co-founder of Serrum, organization focused on art and education that located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Daniel Kok
Independent, Choreographer, Singapore

Saksit Khunkitti’s
artistic practice concerns the fragility of human existence and the anxiety of being. He is interested in the contrast between the ‘ideal’ and ‘reality’ and how they coexist in our psyche and are manifested in our physical environment. His practice is not medium specific and has span multiple mediums, from photography, moving-image, sound, sculptural object and installation.

is a detail-passionated young ceramist based in Bangkok whose works are often inspired by nature and its fine tiny elements.