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Current Exhibition



With the no-boundaries interpretational freedom of space/area, comes an episodic work called ‘space’ by 4 young-artist groups rendered on 2 x 2.7m canvas.

‘Dream Margins’ an art on canvas, chapter 2/4 from a series ‘space’ by Phadungkiat Sohap
A sharing of imagination by art as a connection between artists and children with special needs lead to the beauty of exchanging stories through dialogue and spent time into a “Dream Margins” inspired by the views and imagination of childhood.

About artist
Phadungkiat Sohap found interest in Child Art and an idea that art has no age, gender nor specialty gap. Either typical children or those who have special needs, they both hold the capability to perform art together and come up with meaningful and creative results. Art also brings up emotions and thoughts both internally and externally of children to their appearance—Families, communities and environments are all the factors that influence those children throughout their growth. He has been selected in the 12th Bualuang101 young artist competition project (2019) and the 3rd Sakura Pigma Micron “I AM ORIGINAL in Creative Drawing (2019)

Kindly appreciated to our sponsor Artistic Paints Co., Ltd. and The Foundation For The Welfare Of The Mentally Retarded Of Thailand

TheTip BKK


TheTip Bangkok: Sacred Admirer

Venue: TheTip at Tentacles, Bangkok

Artists: Argya Dhyaksa

“Sacred Admirer” is a ceramic work that Argya made while being an artist in the residence of the Tentacles Gallery. He was interested in the shape of beliefs such as the patterns of tattoo.and various talismans that were brought to change the meaning and mixed with everyday objects encountered while was an artist in residence

About the Artist
He has interest in beauty in ugliness and silliness. Most of his ceramics forms are rough, ugly chaotically imperfect maybe this is wabi-sabi excuse for him that there is a beauty behind the impermanent and imperfection
With the idea of wabi-sabi in mind. We may learn a great (inner) satisfaction in a humble moments. He uses pinch technique for a personal touch on his ceramic to get an intimacy irregularity and unpretentious.
He often using forms like toys, organic ornament, and random things he found on the internet as his perspective on his banal daily life that he lives, He believes that the world is just an amusement, diversion, and adornment.
Sometimes he adds wordplay like, spoof of something, slip of tongue, misheard quotes to tell that all his whole life is a joke.

TheTip is a pair of twins of micro galleries with different birthdates. One of them in Bangkok, Thailand and its older brother residing in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The exhibition platform is operated by Lars Karl Becker and hosted by Tentacles/N22 in Bangkok, but far beyond that it relies on a loose network of contributors involving a myzel of (skipped) plans and tales of the joy of collaborating.